About us

TEDxLilongwe is a volunteer run, nonprofit, ideas event that brings the internationally recognised TED brand to the Malawi’s capital for an independently organised TEDx event. 2014 will be TEDxLilongwe’s second year.

TEDxLilongwe brings ideas, theatre, thinkers, innovators and enjoyment to the region with some of the country’s most interesting presenters taking the stage to deliver their “ideas worth spreading”

Overview of the event

Creating the Tedx experience

  • Captivating Presentations

    Tedx is about simplified, authentic storytelling. We strive to make sure each presenter and presentation is clean, understandable, and extraordinary.It's about discipline. We practice with a lot of my speakers for we understand that success requires not only ideas but the neccesary discipline and commitment to carry the out.

  • Local Community

    TEDx in comparison to TED focuses on a local community that concentrates on local voices. We want to create collaborative and cooperative environment where everyone is invested in making the community a better environment for everyone involved

  • Audience

    We’re looking at the audience as much as we’re looking at the speakers. We want people in the room to be able to listen to and engage with our content, and to actively promote those kinds of conversations on a regular basis even after the event

The Team

This is the team behind the TedxLilongwe event